Vehicle Data and the Connected Driver

March 29, 2017

Initially connecting the phone to the car has been about displaying content from phone into vehicle.  With Apple’s CarPlay and Google’s Android focused on extending mobile content to the car, they are missing the real value of connecting the car and smartphone:  Driver Centric Data.

With the growth of vehicle centric APIs providing greater access to the vehicle data, the number of possible solutions expands to include vehicle health, diagnostics, roadside assistance, automatic crash notification, etc. combining the best of both vehicle and the smartphone services.  By combining both open vehicle APIs with the personalization of the smartphone, connected drivers can enjoy a personalized experience with remote climate control, smart radio and dynamic media.

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How driver behavior analytics help insurance and fleet management companies

February 24, 2017

HERE and Abalta have partnered to provide Fleet and Insurance companies a better way to accurately capture and measure driver behavior.  To read more about the how we are partnering for enhanced driver behavior, please click on this link Here 360 

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5 Ways Insurance Companies Can Leverage Telematics for New Products

August 5, 2015

Automotive insurance companies currently offer telematics, or vehicle monitoring devices, in at least 42 states, according to a 2014 study by the Center for Insurance Policy and Research. Traditionally, auto insurance premiums have been determined by demographic information provided by the driver. Because the insurance industry is so highly regulated, only certain proxy information is allowed (for example, the EU recently categorized gender-based pricing on insurance as unfair discrimination).

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What OEMs Should Know Before Implementing a Fleet Telematics System

July 10, 2015

Demand for integrated fleet telematics is on the rise. In the latestFleet Financials annual survey, fleet managers and automakers indicated they are looking to OEMs to improve fleet telematics systems. As stated by survey respondents:

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