7 Drivers of Connected Car Technology Adoption

September 11, 2015

Everyone agrees that commuting is no fun. As the populace has moved from city to suburb, we commute farther to work, creating more road congestion, more pollution, and more stress in the process. Although Internet technology has helped alleviate the stress for some with flextime and telecommuting, most workers still have to spend time in traffic to get to and from work. Connected car technology is going to harness that same Internet technology to help alleviate the stress from commuting.

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How OEMs Can Globally Scale Connected Car Technology

September 9, 2015

Nearly every automaker today sees connected cars as the next big growth opportunity in the automotive industry. In fact, the global connected car market is expected to generate a whopping $141 billion in revenue by 2020, according to a 2014 Research and Markets report. But it’s worth noting that many of the largest (and fastest growing) car markets are in countries where consumers are buying mostly low-cost vehicles -- like China, Brazil, and India. That means automakers must find an economical way to integrate their connected car technology into vehicles that cost substantially less (both to manufacture and to buy).

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How Connected Cars can Reduce Traffic Problems for Commuters

August 10, 2015

Everybody complains about traffic, but no one does anything about it, or so it seems. The connected car is changing the way we manage traffic.

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How OEMs Can Improve Parking Technology in Connected Cars

August 3, 2015

Self-parking is one of the top features consumers want in connected cars, according to a survey of 1,000 people conducted by Carnegie Mellon University. Today, several automakers offer the technology to guide drivers or automatically maneuver vehicles into parking spots using sensors and cameras. But self-parking technology is still in its infancy -- the first commercial system, Toyota’s Intelligent Parking Assist, only hit the market in 2003 -- and there are many more exciting developments on the horizon.

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In-car Internet: 10 Challenges Every Automotive OEM Faces

July 14, 2015

Automobiles have had built-in computer networks for a long time connecting everything from the ignition to the heads-up display. The challenge facing OEMs these days is extending that internal automotive network to the Internet. The connected car promises to deliver a wide range of web-enabled functions such traffic monitoring, streaming music, local shopping information, and even driver-assistance services like self-parking. You would think that with today’s cellular technology and wireless developments creating an Internet-connected car would be relatively simple. However, as with any evolving technology, there are still a number of in-car internet challenges to overcome. 

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5 Mapping Innovations That Hit the Market Last Year

June 25, 2015

Believe it or not, it’s been 10 years since Google Maps revolutionized the mapping landscape by enabling everyday users to easily find their way from point A to B. Since then, mapping advances have come fast and furious, as handheld GPS manufacturers and automakers compete with tech companies to come out with the latest and greatest navigation gadgets.

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4 Types of Automotive Software for the Connected Car

June 22, 2015

Over the past decade, the automotive industry has undergone a stunning digital transformation. Cars are no longer simple modes of transportation; they are versatile mobile command centers. With the computing power of 20 advanced PCs, today’s connected cars provide web- and software-enabled services that were once only available via desktop computer.

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How to Choose the Right Car Navigation System to Create a Unique End-User Experience

June 18, 2015

About 12 percent of all vehicles produced globally come installed with a telematics system, such as navigation, according to a 2014 Industry ARC report. And while many consumers are instead opting to use navigation apps on their smartphones, in-car nav systems aren’t slowing down. Industry ARC projects that by 2020, up to 50 percent of vehicles worldwide will come with telematics systems.

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State of Automotive Modular Hardware

August 22, 2014

Car manufacturers struggle to meet consumer demands to keep pace, implementing the latest technology in cars rolling off the assembly line. This has been a difficult task, due to the cost and maintenance requirements it takes to keep the car’s head unit up to date with current mobile technology, which is developed and adopted at breakneck speeds. Some manufacturers, like Volkswagen and Audi, for example, are tackling the issue by adding modular hardware that can be upgraded throughout the entire life of the car.

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