Is Car Ownership Headed Toward the Junkyard?

February 16, 2018

People love to own cars. We give them names, write songs about them, and parade them slowly and lovingly through the center of town. We devote endless hours to polishing, tinkering, repairing and detailing them. Over time, cars can transition from mere possessions into treasured keepsakes that tell the stories of our lives and families, housing memories, milestones and experiences that mark the passage of time as well as miles.

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The Path to the Future of Connected Cars: Over the Air and Through the Phone

July 6, 2017

Thanks to the proliferation of mobile phones, connected consumer electronics devices and cloud-based software, consumers have come to expect automatic, seamless over-the-air (OTA) updates that don’t disrupt their device usage.  As today’s cars become more and more technologically advanced, rolling off the line with up to 100 computers and millions of lines of code, it is now possible to update vehicles the same way we update our phones.  For car makers, the ability to push out OTA updates to their customers decreases maintenance, saves money by reducing recalls and increases customer satisfaction. Despite these advantages, most cars on the road today don’t yet have this capability, and drivers who want to update their automotive software have to either bring their vehicle into the dealership or download software to a thumb drive. The high-end models (led by Tesla) that do come with OTA capabilities use built-in modems, adding hardware and on-going cellular data expense to the vehicle.  While it may seem that the majority of drivers on the road will miss out on seamless OTA updates in the short-term unless they upgrade to the latest and greatest luxury sedan, there is in fact a simple and elegant solution that doesn’t require a built-in device, a solution that every driver already carries around in their hand everyday: the ubiquitous and versatile smartphone.

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Vehicle Data and the Connected Driver

March 29, 2017

Initially connecting the phone to the car has been about displaying content from phone into vehicle.  With Apple’s CarPlay and Google’s Android focused on extending mobile content to the car, they are missing the real value of connecting the car and smartphone:  Driver Centric Data.

With the growth of vehicle centric APIs providing greater access to the vehicle data, the number of possible solutions expands to include vehicle health, diagnostics, roadside assistance, automatic crash notification, etc. combining the best of both vehicle and the smartphone services.  By combining both open vehicle APIs with the personalization of the smartphone, connected drivers can enjoy a personalized experience with remote climate control, smart radio and dynamic media.

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How Tier 1 Suppliers Can Benefit From Connected Cars

February 29, 2016

The connected car phenomenon is going to give Tier 1 automotive suppliers the opportunity to make their products more valuable to consumers and OEMs. With connected car systems, Tier 1 vendors now have the means to access components directly to validate functionality, perform diagnostics, or upgrade firmware (with OEM approval) with bug fixes and new features. Having direct access to automotive components has the potential to change the game for Tier 1 vendors.

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How New Connected Car Standards Could Help Align OEMs and Developers

February 17, 2016

Connected car standards are a topic of discussion among many in the automotive industry, and for good reason. As you're no doubt aware, even more vehicles are being connected not only through embedded modems but also with solutions utilizing the smartphone. Connectivity is being used for a variety of purposes, including autonomous drive units, making it critical to future advances.

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Connected Car Bandwidth: Who's Going to Foot The Bill?

January 19, 2016

Expanding interest in connected car technologies suggest a host of values for manufacturers and customers going forward. According to statistics provided by there were 1.14 billion active vehicles operating worldwide in 2012; while 4.5 million of those vehicles housed embedded active telematic systems.

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Rethinking Commerce in a Connected Car World

October 6, 2015

By the end of 2020, Gartner expects as many as 80 percent of all new vehicles to be sold with connectivity, according to a recent Reuters report. The report also notes that automakers will make an estimated one-tenth of their revenue from these connected services.

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Top Lessons for Creating a Differentiated Connected Car Experience

September 3, 2015

Car shoppers today have many more choices of models and brands, even within the same vehicle segment, than they did just 10 to 20 years ago. To attract and retain loyal customers in this competitive market, OEMs must differentiate their products and brand beyond the traditional factors of performance, quality, and price.

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What the Growth of Ridesharing Means for the Connected Car Industry

August 19, 2015

Just over 11 million people in the United States participate in ridesharing -- typically via services such as SideCar, Uber or Lyft -- according to the 2015 Smart Mobility Research Report. And, an estimated 19 million more commuters in metro areas could switch to ridesharing in the coming years. With this sudden resurgence in the age-old idea of carpooling, car ownership is becoming less appealing, especially for consumers under 30. But is ridesharing really a threat to auto sales?

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