Is Software Finally "Eating" the Car?

June 8, 2017

In 2011, Silicon Valley luminary Marc Andreesen famously wrote that “software is eating the world,” a sentiment one would have been hard-pressed to argue against even six years ago. We may say “cloud computing” instead of simply “software” these days, but there is no denying the effects of technological transformation, as once-strong brick and mortar mainstays like Blockbuster, Borders, and the neighborhood record store have fallen like so many bowling pins to the onslaught of digital bulwarks Amazon, Netflix, Apple et al.

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Vehicle Data and the Connected Driver

March 29, 2017

Initially connecting the phone to the car has been about displaying content from phone into vehicle.  With Apple’s CarPlay and Google’s Android focused on extending mobile content to the car, they are missing the real value of connecting the car and smartphone:  Driver Centric Data.

With the growth of vehicle centric APIs providing greater access to the vehicle data, the number of possible solutions expands to include vehicle health, diagnostics, roadside assistance, automatic crash notification, etc. combining the best of both vehicle and the smartphone services.  By combining both open vehicle APIs with the personalization of the smartphone, connected drivers can enjoy a personalized experience with remote climate control, smart radio and dynamic media.

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Bridging the Gap – Automotive Hardware in a Software World

March 14, 2017

With the emergence of the Connected Car, ADAS, and Self-Driving Cars, OEMs are asking one important question: How do we solve the paradox of a piece of hardware that will exist for 10 years in an industry where the preferred features and technologies of our users evolve every 3 years? According to SimilarWeb, nearly 60% of web traffic is coming from mobile browsers, so the odds are that you are holding the answer in your hand right now.

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How driver behavior analytics help insurance and fleet management companies

February 24, 2017

HERE and Abalta have partnered to provide Fleet and Insurance companies a better way to accurately capture and measure driver behavior.  To read more about the how we are partnering for enhanced driver behavior, please click on this link Here 360 

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How Connected Car Apps Have Changed The Way We Drive

December 23, 2015

Connected car technology has been changing the way we drive, although if you ask them, most consumers won’t be able to tell you how. Drivers are coming to expect more from features from their cars, and the latest connected car apps are being accepted as the part of the driving experience.

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How Connected Car App Providers Can Succeed In A CarPlay/Android World

October 26, 2015

Automobile sales is a competitive market. The battle for the hearts and dollars of consumers is constant, and much of the ammunition used to fight the battle is the latest car features. With connected car technology evolving at an increasingly faster pace, Apple and Google have jumped into the Fray with Apple’s CarPlay and Google’s Android Auto solution respectively. OEMs are implementing connected car solutions for both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, allowing consumers to interact with their choice of smartphone platform. BI Intelligence predicts that by 2020 there will be 40 million cars shipped with Android Auto, and 37.1 million shipped with Carplay.

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Connected Automotive Software Applications We'll See by 2020

August 31, 2015

By 2020, BI Intelligence estimates that 75 percent of all cars shipped globally will be built with the necessary hardware to connect to the Internet. And, consumer spending on mobile apps, including those tailored to the car, is set to grow from $24 billion in 2014 to more than $40 billion by 2020, according to IHS Automotive.

Because the United States is a pioneer in smartphones and app development, North America will continue to lead the automotive industry in automotive apps integration. According to BI Intelligence app stores are expected to be the key distribution channel for automotive apps.

Growing consumer demand means the number and variety of automotive apps will only continue to increase. Ultimately, consumers want applications that make driving a seamless element of their daily routines and lifestyles.

Here are the connected automotive software applications we can expect to see in new vehicles by 2020:

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The Future of Connected Car Apps for Fuel Efficient Vehicles

August 24, 2015

As fuel prices continue to rise and concern about pollution from fossil fuels increases, greater fuel efficiency has become the holy grail of automotive manufacturers. Cars have become smaller, lighter, and more efficient largely to reduce fuel consumption. And consumers are buying more fuel-efficient, less polluting hybrid and electric cars. Connected car technology marks the next step in the evolution of apps for fuel efficient vehicles.

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8 Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring a Mobile App Development Company

August 11, 2015

With the Internet-connected automobile comes new demand for automotive mobile apps. Smartphone apps are rapidly making their way into the automotive world to monitor car performance, service, mapping, voice-activated communications, and more. Automakers are looking to mobile apps to strengthen their relationship with customers after they drive off the dealer lot.

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