Is Car Ownership Headed Toward the Junkyard?

February 16, 2018

People love to own cars. We give them names, write songs about them, and parade them slowly and lovingly through the center of town. We devote endless hours to polishing, tinkering, repairing and detailing them. Over time, cars can transition from mere possessions into treasured keepsakes that tell the stories of our lives and families, housing memories, milestones and experiences that mark the passage of time as well as miles.

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Bridging the Gap – Automotive Hardware in a Software World

March 14, 2017

With the emergence of the Connected Car, ADAS, and Self-Driving Cars, OEMs are asking one important question: How do we solve the paradox of a piece of hardware that will exist for 10 years in an industry where the preferred features and technologies of our users evolve every 3 years? According to SimilarWeb, nearly 60% of web traffic is coming from mobile browsers, so the odds are that you are holding the answer in your hand right now.

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Is There An Acceptable Level of Fatalities for Autonomous Vehicles?

March 7, 2016

As a practical matter, and regardless of today’s hype associated with autonomous vehicles, there are a number of major obstacles to be overcome before they engender wide acceptance. These include general consumer acceptance, and hosts of regulatory challenges, to the most daunting of all, issues associated with consumer versus commercial liabilities. Nevertheless, these technologies are evolving apace, so to set the scene as it were, here are some initial facts regarding the history and development of self-drive systems.

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How Volvo Is Answering The Biggest Question On Autonomous Vehicle Liability

December 28, 2015

Everyone knows who's at fault when a human messes up, but as we rely more on robots for everyday tasks many are wondering who pays for any errors. This obviously applies to autonomous cars. Rather than just sit back and let everyone else hash out this complex problem, Volvo has stepped up in a big way, saying it will take full responsibility for any crashes its vehicles cause while in autonomous mode.

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Self Driving Car Safety In The Real World

September 16, 2015

Everyone is looking forward to the coming of the self-driven automobile, some with anticipation, and some with trepidation. Vehicle safety is the concern on everyone’s mind, especially with the bumps and starts automakers have experienced designing new automated safety features. Although the self-driven car is a great concept in theory, in practice it may take some time to work out the kinks and make self-driven cars safe for real world driving.

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How Automotive OEMs Are Getting Ready for the Driverless Vehicle

July 20, 2015

Most consumers may not realize it yet, but driverless vehicles are coming fast and furious. According to predictions by ABI Research, fully autonomous vehicles will start appearing on roads in about 10 to 15 years, and most OEMs predict they’ll be here even sooner. Of course, any automaker knows this evolution didn’t happen overnight; most automotive and technology companies have been researching these “cars of the future” for decades.

Here’s how automotive OEMs are getting ready for the driverless vehicle:

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