Electric Vehicle Range Estimation using Maps

May 12, 2017


As any electric car owner knows, it is important for every electric vehicle (EV) to properly and accurately display remaining driving range based on the current battery charge. The number of EV charge stations is growing, but until they are as ubiquitous as gas stations, drivers will experience “range anxiety” and EV dynamic range estimation will remain important.

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Bridging the Gap – Automotive Hardware in a Software World

March 14, 2017

With the emergence of the Connected Car, ADAS, and Self-Driving Cars, OEMs are asking one important question: How do we solve the paradox of a piece of hardware that will exist for 10 years in an industry where the preferred features and technologies of our users evolve every 3 years? According to SimilarWeb, nearly 60% of web traffic is coming from mobile browsers, so the odds are that you are holding the answer in your hand right now.

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What Does The GM & Lyft Partnership Mean For The Future of Automakers

February 25, 2016

Plenty of surprises come out of CES each year, and 2016 was no different. While there were a number of interesting developments that came out, one of the most influential for the automotive industry was the announcement that GM and Lyft are partnering up.

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How FordPass Is Helping To Push OEMs Beyond The Basics

February 9, 2016

Ford has been making a number of bold moves lately, including some that have taken a lot of people by surprise. One of the more unforeseen developments with the OEM is the announcement of FordPass. The bold new plan marks the beginning of a big transformation for the company that could have big implications for the industry. FordPass is blazing a trail for other automakers to push past the identity of only making cars.

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CES 2016 Roundup: The Top 8 Connected Car Announcements

January 20, 2016

As we prepared for CES 2016 here at Abalta, we highlighted some of the top predictions for the show as we could have guessed, there ended up being some surprised. Here are some of the top connected car related announcements that came at the event. It was a great show that provided everyone with plenty of things to talk about and look forward to in the year ahead.

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6 Automotive Predictions We See Heading Into CES 2016

December 29, 2015

It's an exciting time for Abalta Technologies, because a number of important automotive developments will be front-and-center at the CES 2016 show. CES has revealed that its automotive exhibit space has been expanded by 25%, showing just how important of a force it will be at the show.

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