NNG Delivers Custom-Branded Onboard Navigation with Abalta’s WEBLINK Smartphone Platform

November 10, 2015  |  By Michael O'Shea  |       

nng-logoOne of the greatest demands for connected car technology is navigation. As connected cars continue to evolve, providing real-time, onboard navigation through the infotainment head unit is becoming a “must have” for next-generation models. NNG has been developing automotive navigation solutions for nearly a decade and its iGO Navigation software is currently installed in more than 20 million devices worldwide. NNG was seeking a way to address one of the hottest industry challenges, namely connectivity and mobile phone integration in the automotive market, which is why they contacted Abalta.

Carmakers have been struggling to find the best way to deliver over-the-air services, including navigation, to new car models. OEMs realize that smartphones continue to be the preferred connectivity tool for consumers, especially in the car. The smartphone already has the music, content, and apps that consumers want, and rather than learning a new interfaceing and synchronizing all that content with another device, it makes sense to use the smartphone as a connected car portal. Using the phone to deliver apps and data to the infotainment head unit gives consumers the look and feel they know and OEMs do not have to worry about supporting their own wireless connection.

For NNG, this meant developing a new strategy to harness the smartphone for iGO Navigation. By using Abalta Technologies’ WEBLINK smartphone connectivity platform, NNG is able to offer its iGO Navigation in the concept of NavFusion Platform, which connects smartphone, head unit and the cloud to ensure up-to-date information and connected services for the driver.

“Abalta’s WEBLINK systems allows us to offer a fully flexible range of connectivity options, no matter the processing power of the hardware, future industry developments, and individual brand requirements,” said Jim Robnett, Vice President of Business Development for NNG.

Thanks to WEBLINK, NavFusion Platform is able to provide real-time traffic information and a line of other services to the head unit via Bluetooth, USB, or Wi-Fi connection. NNG’s navigation can run directly from the infotainment system, or it can interface with an iGO Navigation app running on the smartphone.

Future Proofing Connected Car Navigation

By using WEBLINK as the connectivity tool for NavFusion Platform, OEMs can deliver a robust and highly accurate navigation system that is branded as a customizable experience. The touch-screen user interface in the head unit can be completely tailored to any branding requirements, and NavFusion can run in the background so drivers can maintain their navigation while performing other tasks, such as streaming audio. Should the head unit link be disconnected for any reason, the smartphone maintains the connection so nothing is lost. By using WEBLINK as a connectivity platform, NNG can ensure its white box customers that their software will adapt to any market changes.

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