Abalta’s New Approach for the Connected Car: Weblink Demonstration

December 21, 2012  |  By Michael O'Shea  |       

AppsAbalta’s WEBLINK technology enables a new approach for the connected car.  With Abalta’s WEBLINK, a user’s phone becomes the primary computing device with the vehicle headunit acting as a “terminal” to the phone.  The vehicle can leverage the capabilities of the phone and the in-vehicle infotainment systems can be greatly simplified and built at a lower cost.  Since Abalta’s WEBLINK utilizes the smartphone browser, which is constantly being improved, there is no need to add and maintain a web browser on the vehicle headunit. As the vehicle ages, it will take advantage of the ever increasing power and capability of future smartphones as drivers swap out their old phones for new ones during the life of the vehicle.  The vehicle will be future-proofed and the user delighted with on-going enhancements and improvements to their experience.

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Michael O'Shea

Michael O’Shea is the Founder and CEO of Abalta Technologies. He is responsible for all aspects of executive management of Abalta and a direct participant in many client engagements, particularly in management advisory projects.

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